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New Clients

Burnham Cars currently provides a transport service for over 200 corporate clients. We are able to accomplish this, by managing our resources effectively through the use of the latest computer technology.

In the last 3 years we have invested half a million pounds in the Auriga Data Transfer System. This system is capable of operating command and control functions for up to 999 vehicles simultaneously and in silence.

The system manages multiple bookings effortlessly, checks travel and payment details and generates electronic or paper invoices.

What can we do for you ?

We can tailor a transport service to your needs, by offering a wide range of high specification, non-smoking vehicles, along with experienced and courteous drivers.

We have a range of payment facilities, including cash, all major credit cards and our 'Burnham Direct Account'

We are also able to offer a facility, which allows your employees to pay using a credit or charge card, whilst your company receives a paid invoice itemizing each journey and its cost. This enables you as a company to maintain control over your transport budget.

We understand that the security of an account facility is very important, particularly in large companies.
For this reason we can arrange passwords for authorized users, or store authorized user names on our booking computer.
If these are in place the computer will not allow a car to be booked without them.

Probably the most important service we offer,is one of genuine partnership,where you have a say in how we run our business and we put your business first.

We want you to be able to run your business,without having to worry about your transport service and everything we do aims to achieve that goal.


Your safety and comfort is of paramount importance to us !


What does this mean for you ?


First and foremost,it means that Burnham Cars is  licensed to operate private hire vehicles.

All of our vehicles and drivers without exception are licensed by the local authority.


This means that each car must be roadworthy at all times,each car must undergo a rigorous safety check.

A licence plate is then issued and affixed to the vehicle.


All drivers are similarly licensed and carry a  photo ID card issued by the local authority.

In order to obtain a licence,a driver must submit to a police vetting procedure and must be certified fit to drive by a doctor.


We also require each driver to hold fully comprehensive hire and reward insurance.


It is a fact,that there are a lot of companies whose drivers and vehicles are not encompassed by the current legislation and as such are not subject to the regulations and procedures that we are.


Contact us today on 01628 665 111 or Please leave your name, number and e-mail and a member of management will be in touch.