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To be the best and most successful private hire company in the Thames Valley area.

An exceptional service, representing good value for money

The Auriga Data System, is capable of controlling up to 999  cars simultaneously

Burnham Cars - Slough's Premier Private Hire Company.
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Burnham Cars


Burnham Cars was established in the mid-sixties as a small family run business. Its initial aims were to cater for the needs of the local domestic community.

The company did this very successfully by employing men and women from that community and involving them in the day to day running of the business. It soon established a reputation for punctuality, cleanliness and courtesy, a reputation it has maintained and enhanced since that time.

In this highly competitive market, Burnham Cars has increased both market share and turnover, (currently in excess of 2 million pounds sterling per annum) by investing in the best technology available to the industry, and by refusing to compromise its core principle:
To offer all of its customers an exceptional service, which represents good value for money.

Our Mission

To provide safe and secure travel for all our clients, to maintain our position in the marketplace through consistently strong

financial performance, to increase our market share, by providing a superior service which is good value for money.


To provide a customer driven service, by anticipating and responding effectively to our customers needs and expectations.


To seek a constant improvement of the service we provide.To be a good employer, by maintaining and promoting an atmosphere of equality and fairness,

 for all of our drivers and staff.

Our Goals

Executive Cars @ Mini Cab Prices